The 4th Law Of Fitness Success

Welcome back!

Quick recap of Laws 1 through 3 of the 4 Laws of Success goes like this:

The 1st law, The Law of Possession:

We must each take full responsibility for our own fitness journeys.

The 2nd law, The Law of Effort:

We must each give our all, every time out, to achieve our goals.

The 3rd law, The Law of Consistency:

We must each commit ourselves to stick to the plan, day-in, day-out.

And now… the 4th law, The Law of Self-Efficacy.

The essence of this one?

We must each believe in ourselves and our ability to succeed, no matter what.

There are three great ways to build your belief in yourself, and your ability to achieve optimum fitness:


  1. Take It One Step At a Time

Break each goal into a set of smaller goals. Each time you achieve one, you’ll build confidence, creating a positive “results momentum” that will carry you through to the achievement of the next goal… and the next… and the next!


  1. Work Out With a Buddy, or a Group of Buddies

Seeing others who are doing what you’re doing (hey, misery loves company!), or who have already accomplished what you are now attempting, is a highly effective motivator. If THEY can do it, so can YOU.


  1. Surround Yourself With a Positive, Encouraging, Educated Team

This is where your trainers come in! As I said before, we’re going to provide you with everything you need to succeed: a customized fitness program, nutritional guidance, and a non-stop flow of encouraging words and positive reinforcement.

We can boil this law down to this: To achieve anything, you must first BELIEVE that you can.

I’ve got faith in every single one of you – so get in here, and let’s make it happen!

Live life better,