Case Files

Paul Heumiller

Paul-H-B-A I had always been fit as a boy, a teenager and even into my twenties. I played soccer, baseball, lifted weights, hiked, I loved to move. Then life caught up to me, a sedentary job with a long commute, children and the time constraints that come with that stage of life. Add to that stress and before I knew it I was 272 pounds, feeling like a needed a nap after lunch and I didn’t want to be the active person I always was any more.

I had gained and lost weight a number of times but always reverted. I knew I needed help to once and for all change my lifestyle and regain my love of being active and moving. After researching the many gyms in the Asheville area I called Inspire Health and Fitness because I wanted personal attention and to be among others serious about being healthy.

Upon first meeting Jay I could tell he was very knowledgable and dedicated to fitness. After just a few workouts I knew my intuition was right. Jay’s approach is to use a wide array of exercises in well planned workouts that are varied and fun. He weaves body weight movements with free weights and cardio to create truly individual workouts based on his clients goals. Besides the usual equipment we may use a heavy rope, sledge hammer, tractor tires, anything to stimulate the body and mind.

In just few months I had lost 30 lbs and was regaining stamina and strength. We began to work in longer phases of strength, endurance and power and soon I’d lost 50 lbs, then 60 and now more than 70 lbs. More importantly my stamina and strength are through the roof and I’ve gotten off of the blood pressure medication I once required. I can run 5 miles and move through the most challenging workouts in strong fashion.

Along the way we’ve also discussed nutrition, sleep habits, stretching and overall balance. I’m eating clean and healthy which further supports my overall health and well being. I am certain that the lifestyle shift I’ve made with Jay’s help is permanent because it’s now easy and it’s what I crave. A good, nutritious meal feels better than fast food, a tough workout feels better than watching football on TV. I feel great and I want more of it. Jay has given me back the desire to be young at heart, mind and body. For that I am grateful.

Gail Gardon


For 20 years I have struggled with my own weight using different approaches with limited to unsuccessful end results. Inspire and my personal trainer Keith have changed that for me.

Keith has created a unique workout to fit my body and goals, drawing on his expertise, technical knowledge and real desire to help his clients achieve goals – ones that are stated and ones that are uncovered along the way.

The workouts are never boring and always challenging. Additionally, the Inspire philosophy of balance: exercise, nutrition and hydration have become part of my daily lifestyle and have made this journey all the more successful. In just seven months I have lost 70 pounds and gone from a size 22W to a 12.

Susan J.

I just want to take a minute to tell you about my experience training with Justin for the 2nd time today. As you know I also do CrossFit but I have to tell you that Justin has pushed me encouraged me and motivated me to work to the best of my ability that is no doubt as satisfying as any workout I have faced. Thank you to Inspire and in particularly to Justin! Kudos!

Megan S.

I came to Inspire at a family member’s suggestion because she said it was the only fitness program she’d done where she saw real results. Now I tell everyone the same thing! I had tried aerobics, pilates, even spin classes elsewhere but never saw much results. Then in January 2013 I started attending two or three boot camp classes a week and the change in my body eleven months later is really noticeable. I’ve lost 15 lbs and one size and have better posture and more energy. I’m in the healthiest shape I’ve ever been in. The boot camp workouts are challenging and the instructors always keep things fun. Thanks so much, Inspire!

Laney W.

There’s a subtle magic going on at the Inspire gym!  What I didn’t know was that this ‘off the beaten path’ gym would be a true partner in health, offering me a complete holistic transformation.  I wandered in three months ago frustrated with my lack of strength, endurance and well-being.  But I had a crazy notion of being up for a challenge!

Under brilliant, personalized coaching of trainer Jay Goodson, only three months later I feel strong, energetic and cheery!  And I don’t even miss the almost twenty pounds I’ve already lost!  What a way to start my seventh decade!

Debby M.

Debby-300x225When I came to Inspire, I thought I was quite fit.  After all, I was spending an hour and a half, at least 5 days a week, at a gym when I lived in Birmingham, AL. I could pound an elliptical machine for 45 to 60 minutes, no problem. I was doing about 6 machines per body area, dividing arms, chest, back, shoulders and legs into separate days.

Boy, did I have a thing or two to learn. After working out with Keith for a few weeks, I realized I hadn’t been training my body or increasing my metabolism or teaching it to work efficiently. I was spending all that time at the gym just doing routine maintenance; my workouts were not productive.

I’ve been working out 3 days/week with Keith since I moved here in June 2009, and my muscle structure has changed dramatically. He told me in the beginning that he would turn me into a fat burning machine, and he has. Our sessions are 45 minutes — not 1 1/2 hours — and I get more out of these succinct, tough workouts than I ever did on my own. He is committed to surprising the body with different exercises to improve its ability to respond and get stronger in every way. And he knows just what to throw at you and when you are ready to accomplish it.

I am 57 years old, and while fitness has been important to me since I was in my 20′s, I finally feel like I am hitting a stride with keeping my body strong and flexible. Eating right is key, and nutrition has always been important to me, but I feel like Keith’s advice has even improved my eating habits.

Whether it is for Keith’s personal training sessions or boot camps, making room for Inspire is an important part of my life.

Lisa M.

I was a little skeptical at first signing up for boot camp at Inspire. First off it is almost an hour away from my home in Hot Springs. Secondly after doing boot camp for the past 18 months with an Army Sargent outside in sometimes 94 degree heat and 100% humidity in SW Florida, I was not sure if Wendy’s class was going to be challenging enough.  Well I must say it is! I feel I am getting a great workout and being challenged every week. She keeps us going and pushes us to the next level. I enjoy the boot camp with Wendy so much I have signed up for personal training with her as well.

I never really workout with more than a 15 pound dumbbell, so it is awesome that Wendy keeps pushing for more weight. Every week I can do a little more. She works me until I fail. As she says “that’s a good thing!” She is working my legs too. I have signed up to run a ½ marathon in January and with Wendy’s help I think my legs will be the strongest ever!

Thank you Wendy and Inspire

Linnea L.

After the birth of my second son, I wanted to get back into shape, so I started taking classes at the YMCA.  I got frustrated after a few months, because I was seeing very little progress – I lost a little weight and got a bit toned, but quickly plateaued.  Needless to say, frustration got the better of that workout plan.

This last winter, I sat for literally 4 months straight while studying for a professional exam.  After passing, I realized just what a toll that experience had taken on me and my health, so I started bootcamp with Wendy. Four months later and I’m stronger than I’ve ever been.  I can do pushups!  My low abs, which have been through two caesarian births, are finally able to do leg lift crunches!  The results began for me with the first class, and haven’t stopped.

Wendy is so great about ensuring that each person is working hard during each exercise, and each class is a different mix of exercises, so I’m never bored or hit the dreaded plateau.  There is something so satisfying about completing an exercise I never thought I could do.  I actually look forward to going to class and working out.  Bootcamp is really fun!


Kevin is a godsend! Before joining Inspire and coming to train with Kevin I was living a relatively sedentary and unbalanced lifestyle and felt very unhealthy with too many aches and pains for my age. In just 2 short months of consistently working out with Kevin’s expertise, I have gained so much….strength, flexibility, stamina, energy, and a desire to be active every day.

Kevin motivates me to become more active in all areas of my life and to eat healthier which has also been so helpful. I have already lost most of my pains and several pounds of weight! And, this is just the beginning of my new and healthier journey.  I am so grateful for Kevin and Inspire!

Jackie K.

Not being a person who likes to share my exercise routine (or my sweat) with a lot of people I was also looking for someone who would assist me in improving my personal routine in a way I could use at home with my existing equipment.

I stumbled across the Inspire sign and made the call. After already loosing 45 pounds I knew it was time to work more on gaining muscle than on loosing fat, so with Kevin’s help, I have been able to achieve new goals in my life; a routine at home that works for me, strengthening my lower body (he knows how much I hate squats), loose a few more pounds, and get back in my golf game.  The best part though, is the environment at Inspire and the staff go out of their way to personalize the experience.

Susan H.

As a participant in the Asheville Citizen Times Half – Marathon for the last three years, my race time improved from the first year to the next, but not by much, even as the course was re-designed and made more challenging. I was pleased with my improvement but needed to change my training routine to include more than just running, so I could set my Personal Race Best this year.

One of the main reasons I run the Half – Marathon every year is to raise money for the organization Girls on the Run, an amazing organization whose purpose is to improve girls’ lives through healthy living. Well, this year Keith from Inspire offered Boot Camp workouts weekly to our fundraising team called Team SoleMates. I figured that was exactly what I needed to boost my chances of achieving my goal – so I went every Monday (and felt it every Tuesday!

After faithfully following Keith’s weekly class, I started to see and feel results – I was convinced this was helping me physically improve my stamina and muscle tone in my core and upper-body, both places I virtually ignored. The change in exercise routine went from dragging my body out to run every day to actually enjoying training again. Keith was so inspiring and had such a great attitude – he really pushed us and made us feel the burn but was so positive and instructive. He generously gave of his time and resources to help us achieve our personal goals – plus he was running the Half – Marathon for the first time, so he was right there with us!

Well, the time came and I ran the 2010 Asheville Citizen Times Half-Marathon, which is known nationally for it’s challenging hills, and I showed-up  for the third time with Team SoleMates to see what this year had in store. You never know how you are going to run until you actually start running! This year I started strong and as the hills went by and the miles passed I knew something was different. When it came to the final three miles – I felt strong – stronger than the previous two years. Once the race was over I knew I had set my Personal Race Best – sure enough – I had knocked 10 Minutes off my time from last year!! It felt like a tremendous amount of time to improve – I was elated! I looked for Keith so I could tell him THANKS – I knew it was due to Boot Camp – but in the melee I could not find him. I highly recommend Inspire, Keith and the Boot Camp program for runners, or anybody, who wants a truly effective and (actually) fun way to get in shape.


Working out at Inspire created and individual fitter and healthier than I thought possible. My coach helps me set goals that are challenging yet attainable. I’ve gained more than twenty pounds of muscle and a new outlook on living a healthy lifestyle. My coach keeps my workouts interesting and rewarding – the experience is invaluable.

Brian Mc

Inspire is the best gym I have ever been associated with. The staff is professional, well informed and friendly. I have worked with a coach twice a week for nine months and each session is different. I love it here!

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