Because, like real-life heroes, they inspire us.

Because, like you and me, they’re fallible. They miss the mark; they screw up, sometimes royally. When mistakes are made, those mistakes can be as colossal as their powers are super. It seems superheroes aren’t perfect, and that gives us all hope.

Because of second chances. Almost all superheroes are big believers in second chances. Do wrong, and they’ll use every power they possess to stop you. But pay your debt to society,  and they’ll stop at nothing to help you get back on your feet.

Because of heart. They stand up for what they believe in, and are willing to fight and die for it. We could use more of that conviction in our world today.

Because underneath the supersuit, there’s a human. Not only do they start off fully human in their origin stories, they remain human, and it shows. They bicker with each other, worry about paying bills, struggle with internal conflicts over their actions, and some even have health problems.

Because we can relate to them and their motives. When they make a choice to do the right thing, we see ourselves in them. When they choose bad decisions and act outside of character, we see ourselves in them.

Because their stories offer insights and sometimes answers to our own problems.



We do things differently at Inspire Personal Fitness because we believe different things.

For example, many gyms build their businesses on a flawed concept: Fitness is a sport. We disagree. We don’t believe fitness is a sport. Rather, we believe fitness is a methodology to prepare you for a sport if you choose.

And if your goal is to lose weight, get in shape, or just feel better about yourself, then the last thing you need is a sport. Rather, what you need is a workout methodology that keeps you safe and injury free.

We believe fitness shouldn’t hurt you; rather, it should bulletproof you. It shouldn’t make your joints ache; it should soothe achy joints. It shouldn’t inflame your low back; it should strengthen it. And it shouldn’t make you so sore that you are discouraged about going back to the gym; instead, you should feel alive and energized.

We even have different beliefs in scheduling workouts. We don’t feel you should have to work your schedule around workouts. Rather, we encourage you to Book a Small Group Session at the time most convenient for you, and we’ll worry about finding others to join you in class.

Our methodology begins with a Functional Movement Screen, followed by teaching you how to properly perform Dynamic Movements. Then, you’ll use those new skills in either our Small Group Training Classes or in our Functional Interval Team Training (F.I.T.T.) Classes. It all adds up to a different kind of result–Fantastic Results!



Imagine this: The 2007 Atlanta Falcons NFL team, suffered seven season-ending injuries. Just one year later, in 2008, they only had one minor injury.

Seven devastating injuries in one year; one minor injury the next. What changed? The violence of football didn’t change. The intensity of the game didn’t change. And the quality of talent didn’t change, either.

What changed was a shift in the team’s training focus from raw power and hulk-sized muscle development to functional strength, stability and flexibility.

And it all started with a Functional Movement Screen. Think of a Functional Movement Screen as a trouble detection system designed to prevent injuries before they happen.

It’s a set of seven different movement patterns we use to ‘screen’ your body’s ability to function properly. These movement patterns place you in ‘functional positions’ testing to see if you have certain muscular weaknesses, or a right side/left side strength imbalance.

Raw strength does not always translate to functional strength. But the opposite is almost always true: Ignoring whole-body, functional strength and stability in favor of isolating muscle mass and power is a perfect storm for disaster. Just ask the Atlanta Falcons.

The beauty of the FMS is that it provides a clear baseline so we can track your progress going forward. And it’s just one more way Inspire Personal Fitness thinks different.



After we’ve put you through the Functional Movement Screen, the next step in the Inspire Personal Fitness Training System is to get your body moving in an integrated, unified way.

Unified motion means your body is functioning properly during exercise, keeping you safe while increasing your abilities.

We’ll introduce you to six core movement patterns that include: Push, Pull, Rotation, Locomotion, Elevation Changes (to include squat and lunge), and a Combination of all the above.

In the process, your body will learn new skills, and how to move safely in all directions. Planes of motion include Sagittal, Frontal, Transverse, and Multi-Planar. Don’t worry; you don’t need to know all the terminology. Just know that we know.

You’ll also enjoy how your body starts to optimize its strength and function using Lines of Force that mimic real-life movements: Vertical, Horizontal, Diagonal, and Multi-Vector movements. Again, there’s no need to memorize all this (unless you just want to), because Inspire Personal Fitness Trainers are fully educated.

You’ll be challenged with different kinds of loads (weights, rubber bands, medicine balls, etc.), that will keep your body guessing. One moment, you may be using both arms and legs in a lift, and the next you may be using only one limb.

Like gears in a well-oiled machine, they all work together to help you lose weight, get in shape, energize your body, and change your life.



Once you’ve been through your Functional Movement Screen, we’ll know exactly where to begin your exercise program in this small group setting.

By this time, we’ll know your goals, as well as your concerns, and your certified coach will guide you along the path with up three other teammates beside you.

You’ll receive expert instruction, corrective cues to keep your form right, and unbeatable motivation to keep your spirits high as you work hard.

It’s as good as private, one-on-one personal training at a fraction of the cost. Plus, you gain the added benefit of having a group of classmates to workout with you. This is a big benefit because working out with others is naturally more fun. It helps keep motivation levels up and keeps the dynamic energy high.

And one of the greatest benefits of our small group training is that you never have to worry about scheduling problems. All you need to do is schedule a Small Group Session at the time most convenient for you, and we’ll fill it up for you!

If, in the unlikely event that you are the only one in the class, then you’ve gained a private personal training session at even a greater bargain–an unbeatable price anywhere in town.

The beauty of Inspire’s Small Group membership is that you can choose exactly what works for you–your schedule, your budget, and your goals. You also have the option to combine Small Group Training with our Functional Interval Team Training (F.I.T.T) once a week. Or, if you’d rather, choose F.I.T.T. and unlimited Small Group training for the best of both worlds.



Gone are the days when a personal trainer stood over you counting reps. That’s an old methodology and a boring one at that.

The moment you step in an F.I.T.T. class, you’ll feel the energy of the music, the camaraderie of the group, and the fun of high-fives all around.

It’s fun first and sweat second as you work your way through our circuit-style, interval training protocols. There will be bursts of work combined with periods of rest to challenge your body to become more heroic.

Don’t be surprised when we have you grab a kettlebell, put you through the paces, and have you burn hundreds of calories–only to see your classmates cheering you on and clapping their hands in approval at your effort. Might as well get used to it, because it’s a daily occurrence at Inspire Personal Fitness.

Plus, time excuses become a thing of the past soon as you experience how classes start with a quick, dynamic warm-up and circuits that last about 30 minutes. Then, a proper cool down with a foam roller, and you’re outta here!

When you join Inspire Personal Fitness, you get instant access to unlimited classes each month, but that’s not all. You also get “open gym” privileges to use the club as you’d like.

Finally, we’ve got the best training in town, and we’d love to prove it.



Let’s face it. There’s no lack of gyms and fitness facilities in Asheville. If you’re looking for a gym community to plug into, you may feel a bit overwhelmed at the sheer volume of choices: Everything from CrossFit, Golds, the YMCA, Yoga, Palates, and the list goes on and on and on. Much like walking into a drug store to get an over-the-counter medication to treat a common cold, the overwhelming amount of choices can be paralyzing.

Let Inspire Personal Fitness make it easy for you. Every person who considers joining our club is given the option to of a 14-day, trial membership for only $49. We offer this because we know we are not for everyone. We’re not seeking runway models; we’re seeking role models. We’re seeking those who want to live a more heroic life. And our 14-day, $49 trial membership allows you to experience Inspire Personal Fitness before you decide on a full commitment.

You’ll meet our team, be introduced to other members, and get a real sense of what our heroic-spirited community is all about. But between now and then, we can tell you this: Our mission is simple: To be the best part of your day.

⦿  $49 for 14 Days

⦿  One-On-One Fitness Assessment

⦿  Functional Movement Screen

⦿  Customized, Individualized, Program Design

⦿ 4 Small Group Personal Training Sessions

⦿  Unlimited F.I.T.T. Sessions

When your trial membership is over we’ll both know for certain if we are the community for you. If not, then we’ll part as friends. But if we both feel you are a good fit, then we’ll welcome you into this heroic community as a full time member.

Questions? Calls us at 828-258-1066 or contact Keith Wimsett directly at