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At Inspire Personal Fitness, we’re committed to helping you reach your personal fitness goals and to live a more heroic life. And to prove it, we’re offering a 14 Day KICKSTART for $49 to hit fast forward on your results.

Your 14 Day KICKSTART Will Define The Healthy Habits, Skills, Game Plan, And Knowledge You Need To Finally Reach Your Fitness Goals!


During this 14 Day KICKSTART, you’ll meet with our team of fitness coaches, set your goals,

and build the plan that you’ll follow to finally achieve your goals.


Getting in shape can be confusing
I remember when I started training initially, it was a myriad of never ending questions, such as –

How many sets should I do?
What exercises are best for developing the chest and arms?
What foods should I eat to lose weight?
What results are realistic to expect?
How do I preform the exercise correctly?

The last question was especially frustrating for me, as anyone I asked about squatting had their own way of doing it and explaining it – which resulted in me wasting several months relearning over and over again how to perform the exercise. Even worse – I was shown how to perform an exercise by a member of the fitness team at my first gym, it was shown in a hurry and I was never monitored afterwards– which led to me blowing out my back and having to take 4 weeks off after a painful injury – Added to all this, was the underlying feeling that I could never go “all in” on a program because I was being held back by the voice in the back of my head wondering if I what I was doing was even right.

Falling off the wagon is easy
Weeks can fly – a tough project at work, deadlines to make, having a kid on the way, getting documents prepared for the mortgage for your first house – Life is massively stressful. Added to this eating crap foods is convenient and acts as an escape from the stress, even just for a moment. This all accumulates over the course of a couple of months or even a couple of years, and one day you wake up overweight with a protruding gut, feeling tired all of the time, and wondering how did I let this happen?

Making progress is difficult
On several occasions I would attempt a program be it for strength gain, muscle gain or fat loss, and I would see almost no progress – there are no words to describe the frustration of putting all that effort, inconvenience and money into your gym program and having nothing to show for it at the end.

So what are your options?
What most people do is go to a commercial gym, usually a cheap one where the fitness team are underpaid and overworked. A generic gym program with a  couple of machine exercises is scribbled on a program card for you, your briefly shown each exercise as quickly as possible, before the fitness team member rushes back to fix a printer and clean the toilets, and twenty other jobs and you never see them again.
Fitness classes can be great for that community-like feeling and social support – unfortunately the class instructor has squats scheduled for the next 60 seconds, and your dodgy squat is in amongst a sea of 29 other people and the instructor doesn’t have the time or space to take you aside and show you in detail how to correct this, or assess what tightness or weakness is preventing you from doing it correctly. Added to this there is never any measurement of progress – you get a sweat on, but no one is recording your strength levels, bodyfat levels, or weight – so how can you be sure you are even improving? And because you are never having your form examined properly – you’re probably not learning much.

One on one personal training is a really successful option for a lot of people, but the price can create a huge barrier for a lot of people. In a private studio gym in Asheville, these sessions can cost $50 per session and upwards, costing you $600 a month to train 3x a week.

The options don’t sound great, either (a) spend massive amounts of time and effort figuring it out yourself feeling massively confused along the way, hoping not to injure yourself into oblivion with the added possibility of seeing no results along the way, or (b) pay someone a small fortune to show you how to do it.

What if there was a solution that was affordable, was proven to get amazing results and took all the confusion out of looking and feeling great?

Training at Inspire Personal Fitness combines the

  • Social support of a class environment,
  • The personalized approach of personal training,
  • Takes the confusion out of what to eat with done for you nutrition plans
  • Is guaranteed to get results
  • Costs considerably less than one on one personal training.

But, don’t take my word for it, see what some of our members had to say.

“I would recommend this gym to anyone! It’s a great environment. The work outs are hard but when you leave you have a feeling of achievement. The groups are small! The trainers help you if you don’t know what your doing. You want RESULTS? Join Inspire Fitness & be ready to sweat!” – Courtney

“I’ve been working out at Inspire for nearly two years now. The trainers are knowledgeable and helpful and the environment is super friendly. I’ve become much stronger because I’m always encouraged to do my personal best. I couldn’t recommended this gym more highly.” – Lauren

“The best part about going to Inspire Personal Fitness is that you’re surrounded by “your family.” Visit their website to see their logo and that’s you standing in the middle with coaches and other members surrounding you with their support and encouragement. I’m 70 years old and I’ve been going two to three times a week for nearly 1-1/2 years. While I’m always thankful when the hour is over, I leave feeling more than the warmth of the sweat. I leave waving goodbye to my friends.” – Phil

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Just imagine…
Being able to go to that school reunion or family get together and people telling you “you look fantastic, what have you been doing?”

Being able to proudly put on a shirt that hasn’t fit in 5 or more years

Being able to smash a fitness challenge that had you winded on the first day, or lift a bar with double the weight that had your legs feeling liking jelly only a couple of weeks ago.

Waking up in the morning feeling less pain, and not feeling drained of energy all of the time.

The amazing feeling of setting goals you thought you couldn’t reach and smashing past them.

Lot’s of people just like you are having these experiences every week, so why shouldn’t you?


What’s included:
Starting Point Session – Get started with a Starting Point Session where you’ll discuss your goals with our Director of Success. This goal setting appointment alone is $100 or even $200 at many local gyms and it’s included in the Inspire 14 Day KICKSTART!

Perform an assessment – Our Director will guide you through a function movement screening that will assess any imbalances in mobility or stability that may impact your training, your goals, or the exercises you perform. This screening process helps prevent injury.

Fitness Program Designed Just For YOU – Our Director will set you up with a 14 Day Workout Program that’s designed for your specific goals whether it be Fat Loss or to Gain Lean Muscle!

14 Days of Nutrition Programing – Our Director will provide you with 14 Days of Nutrition Programming Designed to fit YOUR specific goals.  Whether your goals are to BURN FAT or GAIN LEAN MUSCLE, our Nutrition Program will do so for you!

Experience 4 Small Group Personal Training Sessions – Meet with our certified Fitness Coaches 4 times during your 14 Day KICKSTART and experience the benefits of personal support, feedback, and advice. Your Fitness Coaches will help you learn new exercises, guarantee proper form and technique, and ensure that you’ll see results.

Attend Unlimited Functional Interval Team Training – For 14 days, you can attend as many F.I.T.T. sessions as you would like. With unlimited access, it’s easy to find a time to fit your schedule.

Easy and flexible booking – booking into our classes is simple, and can be done from our mobile app that can be downloaded right to your phone. Classes take place in the morning (6am to 11am) and in the evening (4pm to 8pm), and on Saturday afternoons (8am to 11am).
Money back guarantee – if for whatever reason we weren’t for you a 100% money back guarantee is available at any time. So there really is nothing to lose, either you get some solid professional advice at a rate that is 8x better value than a standard PT session, or you get your money back if you feel like it wasn’t worth it.

All this for $49!

What can you expect?
You’re Starting Point Session is completely free, during this initial session we will find YOUR definition of success and figure out what is the best way to reach it. We will help you put this into measurable terms, set a starting point and then calculate how long it will take you to get there.

If you decide we are not for you, there’s no obligation to stay on. We are not for everyone. We’re not seeking runway models; we’re seeking role models. We’re seeking those who want to live a more heroic life. And our 14-day, $49 trial membership allows you to experience Inspire Personal Fitness before you decide on a full commitment.

You’ll meet our team, be introduced to other members, and get a real sense of what our heroic-spirited community is all about. But between now and then, we can tell you this: Our mission is simple: To be the best part of your day.

I won’t lie to you it will take serious effort and commitment on your own behalf – I’m not here to do it for you, but it will 100% be worth it.
I could rattle on all day long about why this program is the best investment you’ll ever make in yourself, but it really boils down to you having the guts to take action on your health and lifestyle – 95% of people constantly lie to themselves telling themselves they’ll start next week so that they don’t have to change – the question is will YOU be part of the 5% who decide to look and feel their best?

When your trial membership is over we’ll both know for certain if we are the community for you. If not, then we’ll part as friends. But if we both feel you are a good fit, then we’ll welcome you into this heroic community as a full time member.

This Is A Guarantee You Can Count On: “The Longer You Wait To Get Started, The Longer It Will Take To See Results.” Don’t Wait Any Longer, Fill Out The Form Below To Get Started.
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*What is the Functional Movement Screen? Why do I need it?

The Functional Movement Screen (FMS) is a screen that looks at everyday movement patterns that are keys to our body’s normal function. Our certified director will screen these patterns and identify any functional limitations as well as left-right asymmetries that you may have. Through years of sitting at desks, commuting in cars, wearing improper footwear and carrying huge loads on our shoulders, we’ve developed postural changes that limit overall movement. The screen reveals these limitations, and Inspire coaches help correct them. Now, let’s get moving!