Our Vision

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Vision Statement:

Inspire Personal Fitness is a fun and inviting fitness experience in which members can achieve individualized training, coaching, and guidance from a caring and supportive team of experts.

Our Mission

We are the best part of our members’ day. Everyday!

Core Values

  1. Be inspirational
  2. Build a positive Team and Family atmosphere
  3. Honesty and Transparency
  4. Embrace and encourage change
  5. Be professional and personable
  6. Fun and humor
  7. Be authentic
  8. Have a genuine interest in others
  9. Integrity- Lead by example
  10. Do more with less

We believe in fitness as a lifestyle. Most of us aren’t training for a bodybuilding competition or an Ironman Triathlon. We understand exercise is not your life. Families, careers and hobbies tend to leave little time for personal, physical well-being.

We want you to find a REAL, long-lasting solution that works for YOU. Make a commitment to fit us in your busy schedule and we’ll help you find that balance between work, socializing, and your health.


This group is a team. Competition is fun, but we encourage you to compete with the best version of yourself, not each other. We don’t leave teammates in the dust at Inspire. Faster and heavier is not always better.

At Inspire, we will tell you to:

Slow Down.
Look at Form.
Take Time for Recovery.

Deadlifting as much as you can, as fast as you can? Nope. Will not happen here. There are gyms for that. This isn’t one of them.

We want you to get stronger, move better, feel awesome FOR THE LONG RUN: until your kids have kids and beyond.

Educating is second nature to us. The best teachers give their students tools to continuously discover. You will learn things in your time here. About yourself. About others. About exercise. Take ownership of this journey and you will never stop improving.

Questions? Call us at 828-258-1066 or contact Keith directly at keith@inspirepersonalfitness.com