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Are you looking for an alternative to traditional bodybuilding and Crossfit in Asheville? Inspire Personal Fitness is a unique personal training gym where members engage with a team of expert coaches who work together to challenge and guide you to achieve your goals.


We inspire healthy living in Asheville by providing professional personal fitness coaching in a fun and supportive environment. We don’t focus so much on a specific weight loss goal or what clothes a person may wear, but rather we help our members live healthy and feel better.


Asheville is all about individualism and we offer an alternative to traditional bodybuilding and weight loss programs. Based on the results of your evaluation and unique goals, we will design a program for you by incorporating individualized fitness and nutrition strategies.

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"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure." - Nelson Mandela


If we've ever needed heroic men and women, we need them now. Authentic, real-life heroes who remind us of our potential to be heroic ourselves. It's why we need friends like you to show us all~your family, friends, and strangers alike~what it means to triumph against the odds. Your weight loss, strength gains, transformed body, and increased joy is desperately needed as an example of what's possible.


Becoming physically stronger virtually guarantees you'll become mentally and spiritually stronger. That's because there's no such thing as isolating the physical, mental, and spiritual identities from each other. Unification of the three is encoded in your DNA as "embodied intelligence." When we stop exercising we are, in effect, cutting off a vital superpower that otherwise helps us reach our human potential.


Join us, and experience an almost miraculous breakthrough in your body's shape, size, and condition. We all know the disappointment of unrealized potential. Inspire Personal Fitness is designed to help you overcome whatever obstacles are trying to hold you back. Become one of us, and you'll change in ways you probably can't appreciate on this side of your transformation.

Your only one good decision away from a transformed life. Go to the "Get Started" page to well, get started.

Need more proof? Look at what our clients are saying...

"I would recommend this gym to anyone! It's a great environment. The work outs are hard but when you leave you have a feeling of achievement. The groups are small! The trainers help you if you don't know what you're doing. You want RESULTS? Join Inspire Fitness & be ready to sweat!" - Courtney

"This gym is one of the best gyms I have been a member of. I did a fitness challenge here and the instructors made me feel at home. It was really nice that I would walk in and they would already know my name by the second or third time I came to work out. The work outs are very challenging and if you want to push yourself even more the instructor(s); Keith, Craig, Kelly and or Jordan will help modify the exercise. I feel as if there is no judgement at this gym and people of all ages come and we have fun getting into shape with each other. I am glad that I have become part of the inspire family!" - Kyle

"Inspire Personal Fitness is an incredible facility. The coaches are awesome. All workouts are tailored to allow you to work to your highest potential. The motivation from Inspire's team is unmatched. You are pushed to do your best and reach your best! You will leave each workout exhausted, yet energized, ready to tackle any challenge that comes your way! Your results will be amazing and you will discover a side of yourself you weren't aware of! I will continue to workout with Keith and his team in the future and would strongly recommend that you give them a try! You won't be disappointed!" - James

"I've been working out at Inspire for nearly two years now. The trainers are knowledgeable and helpful and the environment is super friendly. I've become much stronger because I'm always encouraged to do my personal best. I couldn't recommend this gym more highly." - Lauren

"As a young at heart 60 something lady I searched for a gym and training program that would be a good fit for me. I wanted a clean gym also warmth and expertise in a special program that would give me a safe great work-out with results! I have found it in Inspire Fitness. Jordan is an awesome trainer-I am Inspired!" - Jan

"Inspire Personal Fitness has been my first experience working with personal trainers & I am loving it! I was the proverbial "couch potato" when it came to getting any exercise done - a busy mom with 2 small kids who was doing good if I could just eat properly, definitely no energy to attempt working out despite numerous exercise DVDs and memberships.

Keith, Kelly and the trainers at Inspire have motivated me to actually get up in the mornings and work out 3-4 times weekly. They've pushed me just hard enough to actually start to see results but never beyond what I know I can handle. It's been great to have their expectations keeping me in line with the commitment I've made to getting in shape and feeling good about myself. I really appreciate their careful attention to making sure I'm doing exercises correctly to minimize injury & maximize results." - Natalie

"If you're looking for a great gym with amazing people this is the place. Here you are not just a member you're family. The trainers are great and know their stuff and they along with the other members lift you up and make you push yourself. It makes waking up early to go to the gym worth it!" - Jessica