The Differences Between Those That Succeed and Those That Fail

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Success is a fascinating thing. There are good people with every possible advantage that struggle with success and life in general. It’s also easy to find people with no education, a poor attitude, and a lack of morality that seem to thrive. Both groups of people want to get ahead, but only one is successful. Why is that? Successful people, regardless of their advantages or disadvantages, have one thing in common: they consistently work at their goals. It’s necessary to do everything you can to be successful and take that attitude into the marketplace. You must be willing to compete, whether it be for a job or to see your business become successful. Add these behaviors to your life and create more success: Make use of what you have. This includes your capabilities, time, and other resources. There’s no reason to wait until you learn something new, save a certain amount of money, or make the right contacts. You can do those things on the side, but the bulk of your time should be spent on doing everything you can with what you currently possess. Read books that enable you to spend your time more productively. By learning more, you can correct your mistakes and use your time more wisely. The right book can teach you more discipline or how to better interact with others. Books give you access to the very best minds in the world, past and present. Every book you read can improve you in some way and enhance the way you spend your time. Commit to being your best. Most of us are either too lazy or too afraid to bring our best to each day. Discipline and courage are required if you want to consistently be successful at a high level. Make plans. Dreams are nice, but they’re just a starting point. You must convert your dreams into concrete plans, and then put everything you have into executing those plans. Building a life without a good plan is like trying to build a home without a good plan. Eventually you run into trouble and must use make-shift solutions just to keep it from falling apart. Plan your day, but not all of it. Ensure that you can hit the ground running, but leave yourself enough wiggle room to take advantage of any opportunities that present themselves along the way. The same goes for your week, month, and year. Have a good, solid outline for your time for at least the next year. View problems as challenges to be solved. Becoming successful requires dealing with a nearly endless stream of obstacles. View these obstacles as challenges that make you stronger, smarter, and more capable to handle the next challenge. The bigger the challenge you’re able to solve, the more successful you will become. Avoid distractions. Spend your time on the most important activities. If learning to play piano is a priority for you, spending time perfecting your photography skills, playing the guitar, and learning to oil paint ensures that you’ll never become the best pianist you can be. It’s easy to look around and see that the universe isn’t judging “good” people and “bad” people when it comes to success. You know plenty of awful people that are doing well, and plenty of wonderful people...

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New Fitness Trends That Will Surprise You

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  If you’re trying to keep up with the latest fitness trends, then you may feel overwhelmed. It’s not easy to track all of the hottest fads in the exercise industry, but the following trends are worth following. The latest fitness trends may even give you a whole new way to look at exercise: Aerial exercises. One of the hottest trends in the industry is aerial exercises. They’re also called trapeze exercises and require that you go to a gym. If you’ve ever been to a performance of flying acrobats, you may be surprised to learn that you can study the same skills at a local gym and take classes. Aerial and trapeze classes will teach you the basics or advanced skills. The gyms are equipped with padded floors and have plenty of trainers, so you won’t get hurt. You’ll use bars, ropes, and scarves to fly through the air. This is a fun workout that actually burns a lot of calories and makes you use all of your muscles.  High altitude exercises. Being at a high altitude creates a unique exercise experience for your entire body. You may not be aware of the latest trend to use high altitudes to work out. If you don’t live in a high-altitude area such as Denver, then you’ll have to search for a specialty gym that offers this type of exercise. Specialty gyms that have high altitude workouts provide equipment and other items to change the oxygen levels. This gives your body the chance to exercise with less oxygen, so you build endurance. Parkour is a unique workout that is often compared to playing on the playground or a kid’s gym. Parkour is focused on having fun while you exercise. You get to run, jump, swing, and walk through different obstacles. You can jump over blocks or play on the monkey bars. This exercise trend reminds people of their younger days and makes them feel like kids again. Hot Pilates. This new trend refers to doing Pilates in a heated studio. Pilates is already an intense workout that uses special equipment to tone and move your muscles. However, the addition of heat makes it even more difficult. The heat is supposed to loosen your muscles. Hot Pilates is designed to burn calories while you tone your entire body. The goal is to look lean and lose fat. Custom online training. The growth of the internet has touched the fitness industry, and one of the hottest trends is custom online training. This type of training gives you access to one or more fitness experts who work with you on an individual level. They design and tweak your entire workout routine based on what you want to accomplish and what your body needs. You can sign up for daily or weekly sessions. The personal approach has been used in gyms before. Now, it’s moved online, so you don’t have to drive or walk to another location to get help. Online training gives you more control and lets you work out from your home. It also gives you more choices since you get to pick a trainer from a larger pool instead of the ones that are hired by your local gym. The fitness industry is constantly coming up with new ideas to make...

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How to Achieve Huge Goals

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Achieving a huge goal is similar to achieving smaller goals. However, you must be much more diligent and aware of any negative thoughts associated with your goal. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and lose all your momentum. Huge goals take more time and persistence. If you’re up for the challenge, there is no reason you can’t achieve a huge goal. Set a big goal and change your life quickly: Choose the right goal. A goal can be too big. If your goal exceeds your belief that you can be successful, you’re finished before you even get started. The biggest goal you can reasonably achieve is a goal that makes you think you can be successful if everything goes perfectly and you work hard. Anything beyond that may create too much internal resistance. Get clear on what success means. Some goals, like weight loss and income goals, are easy to measure. Other goals can be more challenging. Be sure you know how you’ll measure your success. Otherwise, you might be successful and not even know it. Create a plan. Develop a general plan that will ensure success. It can helpful to start at the end and work your way backwards. Work back until you have a step that you can do today. Create a detailed plan. Now that you have a general plan, create a detailed plan that will get you from one step to the next. Talk to experts and get the information you need to make an intelligent plan. Your local library is full of experts that provide free advice. Develop habits related to your action plan. Seek to develop habits that help you to reach your goals. For example, you might take a daily walk before breakfast if you’re trying to lose weight. Or your habit might be to skip breakfast! Review your results regularly. You can’t know how well or poorly you’re doing if you never check. Regularly review your progress and make the necessary adjustments along the way. This is an important step that many people skip. Check your attitude daily. Are you feeling doubtful, intimidated, or fearful? Are you procrastinating? It’s critically important to deal with negative feelings immediately. The amount of willpower anyone possesses is limited. You can’t push your way through negative emotions indefinitely. Find a mentor. Odds are, someone else has already accomplished your very goal. It only makes sense to take advantage of someone else’s knowledge and experience. Most people are happy to help. It never hurts to ask. If necessary, consider hiring a mentor/coach. It might be some of the best money you’ve ever spent. Visualize success. Spend a few minutes each night visualizing success. Imagine how you’ll feel when your goal is achieved. Where will you be? How will you feel? How will your life change? Make the experience as positive as you possibly can. If you rated the desirability of achieving your goal on a 1-10 scale, it had better be a 10! Big goals require an appropriate goal, a good plan, a mentor, and stamina. To achieve a big goal, you must be prepared to do things you’ve never done before. Are you willing to be more than you’ve demonstrated to this point? Set a big goal and get excited at the prospect of achieving success....

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Making a Living vs. Designing a Life

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Are you making a living or living a life that you designed? What’s the difference? Making a living is about survival. It’s making enough money to live an average life. It’s having a marriage that you can tolerate. It’s muddling by. Designing a life is about creation and choice. You consciously choose a life that’s tailored to your preferences. It might involve living in a mansion or living in a hut on a mountaintop. You might be married to your ideal partner or choose to live alone. Those that are merely “making a living” are living the life that society considers to be average or normal. Those that design a life are choosing for themselves how they want to live and then making it happen. Making a living is easy, but not very enjoyable. Designing a life is much more work, but much more satisfying. The choice is yours. Design the life you were meant to live: Put all reservations aside and make some choices. What is your dream life? Don’t be practical. Think about your ideal life in detail and write it down. Consider these ideas: Where would you live? Who else would be there? What would your social circle look like? Describe your home. How would you spend your day and evening? Write a mission statement for your life. Companies have a mission statement. You should, too. What will your life be about? Accumulating wealth, relationships, adventure, contribution? Decide the purpose of your life. Find a hero. Who is living the type of life that appeals to you? Maybe it’s someone from history. If it’s a current figure, follow them on social media, read their biography, and read their other books. Learn everything you can about them. Determine the type of person you need to become. Do you need to become a person that makes health, diet, and exercise a priority? Do you need to develop a high level of discipline? Did you need to become more sociable? More organized? Take more risks? Think about the type of person that would have your dream life. You may need to make some adjustments. Decide what you’re willing to do. Are you willing to move? Write for an hour each night? Lose 50 pounds? Learn to speak Mandarin? Consider everything your dream life will require for you to achieve and maintain it. What are you prepared to do? Decide what you’re willing to stop doing. Are you willing to give up drinking? Watching TV? Spending mindless time in bars with your friends? Procrastinating? Being afraid? Avoiding tough conversations? There will be things you must stop doing if you want to change your life. Create a plan to get there. Without a plan, you only have a dream. A plan turns it into an objective. Create a viable plan and get started. Don’t give up. If your plan is sound, all you need to do is hang in there until your dream becomes your reality. Be persistent and consistent. Are you living a life that you chose? Or does your life look like everyone else’s? Be courageous and choose the life you want to lead. It’s easy to follow the herd and live like everyone else. You don’t share the same taste in food, clothing, or TV shows as anyone...

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Develop Daily Discipline and Reach Your Goals

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The ability to control yourself might be the most important skill you can possess. You probably already know how to get in great shape, eat properly, find a better-paying job, and succeed in a lot of other ways. The problem is, you’re not doing those things. What you lack is enough discipline. Discipline allows you to use what you know. Without it, you’re just a dusty library of information. Develop the discipline necessary to excel in life with these strategies: Rest is important. Fatigue is a killer of discipline. Have you ever noticed that your discipline is weakest at night? That’s when you’re more likely to waste time. You’re more likely to eat poorly. You’re more likely to send an ill-advised text message to your ex. If you have a task to complete that requires discipline, schedule it when your energy is at its peak. Get enough sleep each night to be at your best. Plan naps if the afternoon if possible. Exercise isn’t just good for you, it’s good for the development of discipline. Exercising regularly is challenging both physically and mentally. It’s not easy to get yourself to exercise every day. The slight physical discomfort also requires discipline to endure. You also have the benefit of enhancing your health at the same time. Get organized. Getting and staying organized is another gentle way to build your discipline. Start with just one part of your home. Declutter and clean. Then move on to another part of the house. Clutter also saps your discipline and willpower. If you’re naturally messy, getting organized might be more challenging than you think. Take small steps and avoid losing ground. It doesn’t do much good if you clean a room, and it returns to a messy state in a few days. Stay on top of it! Learn persistence. It’s questionable if you can have discipline without persistence. Fortunately, there are countless opportunities to practice each day. Become a master at completing tasks. Fold all the laundry instead of leaving part of it for later. Wash all the dishes instead of leaving that gross, greasy dish until tomorrow. Whenever you start to feel a little bored, tired, hungry, or uncomfortable, continue with your current task for at least a few more minutes. You’ve learned how to quit easily. Teach yourself how to persist after you want to stop. Even three minutes is an improvement and a good starting point. Meditate daily. From a distance, meditation looks easy. After all, how hard can it be to just sit there and focus on your breathing, right? Try it once and see how hard it can be. Meditation teaches focus and the ability to persevere when you’re emotionally and physically uncomfortable. It’s hard not to think, “How much longer?” when you’re in the middle of a meditation session. Start with just a few minutes and add a few more minutes each week. When you can sit for an hour straight, you can do anything. Learn to forgive easily. Negative emotions consume a lot of energy and make self-discipline much more challenging. When you’re consumed with negative thoughts, it’s hard to do anything productive. Let go of the negative energy inside of you and you’ll have more self-control. Self-control is the key to making progress. You already know...

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The Easiest Ways to Make Healthier Desserts

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You can cook and bake healthier desserts that will make your family smile and lick their plates. You simply have to adjust some ingredients and techniques to make them a reality. Try these ideas: Use more fruit. Using fruit instead of sugar is one of the easiest ways to create healthier desserts. Fruit has naturally high levels of sugar, but it’s also packed with vitamins, minerals, and fiber. It’s better for you to eat an apple than a donut because the donut won’t provide you with vitamins, minerals, or fiber. Fruits like bananas, strawberries, blueberries, and others are easy to incorporate into many recipes. They can help you reduce the amount of white or brown sugar you add to recipes. They can also help you create a unique taste to your desserts that will amaze your family. Change your butter or oil. Another way to make healthier desserts is to change the butter and oil in the recipes. Butter and oil can add fat and extra calories to your dishes. Instead, use applesauce. Many healthier desserts taste better with applesauce instead of butter or oil. Another option is to use mashed beans instead of oil. Tofu can also work as a substitute for butter. You simply have to ensure it’s soft and pureed. Switch to whole flour instead of white flour. By switching the type of flour you use, you can get a healthier dessert. Many recipes allow you to use whole flour instead of white flour. Whole flour adds fiber that is necessary for a strong digestive system. Sadly, many desserts don’t have much fiber. Use beets to reduce sugar. It’s hard to make a sweet dessert without sugar, but beets can help you cut down the total amount you need. You can use raw, grated beets instead of some of the sugar in a recipe. Make smaller portions. You don’t need to make giant chocolate chip cookies that cover the whole pan. Instead, focus on smaller portions that are healthier and still fun to eat. Experts recommend making your cookies and other dessert servings smaller. You also want to limit how many you eat in one sitting. Use more bananas. Bananas can be turned into ice cream, pudding, and many other healthy desserts. You can use a food processor to turn plain bananas into a creamy ice cream with no extra sugar or other ingredients. Freeze them after you’re done, so they can be transformed. Bananas are high in potassium and have other vitamins and minerals. Use more dates. Dates are fruits that have a sticky texture. Dates are a fun option for making healthier desserts. They can hold together cookies, bars, tarts, and other baked goods. They also have high levels of fiber and other nutrients. They’re naturally sweet, so you don’t need to add much sugar to a date recipe. Experiment with healthier desserts. You don’t have to completely cut out dessert from your life. Instead, consider ways you can experiment with healthier recipes in the kitchen. Healthier desserts can be fun to make with your family. They can be a delicious addition to your meal plans and don’t have to be filled with a ton of sugar or calories. You don’t have to sacrifice taste and texture to reduce calories or sugar. Committed to...

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Are You Getting Too Much Calcium?

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You’ve probably heard you need more calcium to have strong bones and a healthy body. However, are you aware of the risks of taking too much calcium? You can overdose on this mineral, and there are side effects. Your body needs calcium, but it’s important to take the right amount of this important mineral: Daily calcium requirements. In order to understand why too much calcium is dangerous, be aware of how much calcium you need to take every day. The recommendations vary based on your age, gender, and health history. In general, children need 1,000 to 1,300 mg a day. Adults need 1,000 mg a day. However, women over the age of 70 need 1,200 mg a day. One of the most common side effects of taking too much calcium is constipation. This usually occurs if you take too many supplements that have high levels of calcium. It’s rare for you to get constipation from calcium in foods, but it can happen if you overeat. Kidney stones. You can have a higher risk of kidney stones from taking too much calcium. Several studies have found that those who take excessive amounts of mineral supplements are more likely to have kidney stones. Other health issues. By overdosing on calcium, you may notice several health issues at the same time. Some of the most common issues are nausea, weakness and the loss of appetite. You may also experience excessive thirst. You may have vomiting and feel unwell for a long period. High levels of calcium can affect iron absorption in your body. It’s also possible to have a more serious reaction from overdosing on calcium that includes an irregular heartbeat. You may also have mental confusion and high blood pressure. One of the biggest risks is a coma. How to prevent issues. Most experts share that prevention is easier than solving the issues that arise from taking too much calcium. Be careful with the supplements you take and how many vitamins you take at the same time. If you combine multiple pills and minerals, then you can easily overdose on calcium. It’s important to discuss your calcium levels with a doctor. They can recommend diet changes and supplements that are safe. Focus on food instead of pills. It may be tempting to reach for a bottle of calcium supplements instead of working on your diet. However, you’re putting yourself at risk and may not be helping your body. Nutritionists recommend that you focus on the food you eat instead of trying to supplement with pills. Calcium is readily available in multiple foods. You can find it in dairy products, but there are other options if you’re lactose intolerant or vegan. Calcium is in kale and broccoli. Many dark leafy vegetables have high levels of this mineral. It’s also in salmon and sardines. You can get more calcium by eating fortified foods such as cereals, breakfast bars, granola, and others. Many nuts also have this mineral. Calcium is considered an essential mineral and has multiple health benefits. Although your body requires it, it’s important to ensure you’re not taking too much. In most cases, you’ll get better results by eating calcium-rich foods instead of taking supplements, but discuss your particular needs with your doctor. Committed to your success, Coach...

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Surprising Foods That Hurt Your Digestion

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Did you know beans aren’t the only thing that can hurt your digestion and cause bloating or gas? There are many foods that can make you feel uncomfortable after a meal. Paying attention to these foods may reduce your digestive discomfort: Artificial sugars. Researchers have found that fake sugars such as aspartame or sucralose can affect the gut. They can change the good bacteria in your gut and give you digestive issues Artificial sugars are common in diet sodas, but they can hide in other things as well. You can see them in juice, gum, candy, and other sweets. They can also appear in baked goods or processed foods that claim to be low calorie or sugar-free. Have you ever read the label on a yogurt container and wondered what carrageenan is? It’s a common preservative that often appears in dairy products. It’s made from seaweed, but it can affect your digestive system. Some studies claim that it can raise your risk of cancer. Researchers know that it increases inflammation in the gut, so you want to avoid it. It tends to appear in milk, yogurt, ice cream, and other common foods. You may depend on it to start your day, but does your stomach hate it? If you notice digestive issues after drinking a cup of coffee, you can blame the caffeine and other additives in it. Coffee can cause stomach irritation and dehydration because it acts like a diuretic. The caffeine in coffee can irritate your digestive track and make you feel uncomfortable after just one cup. It can also cause heartburn and is an acidic beverage. If you’re adding cream, milk, sugar, or syrups to your coffee, then the issue becomes even more complex. Any of these ingredients can cause you stomach pain and bloating. You may want to reduce or eliminate them. Acidic foods. It’s not just acidic beverages that can cause trouble. Acidic foods such as tomatoes and citrus can make your stomach hurt. They’re hard on your digestive system and esophagus. You may experience indigestion and heartburn after eating a tomato or orange. Broccoli and cauliflower. These common vegetables are hard for some people to digest. They’re healthy vegetables, and doctors often recommend them, but they can hurt your stomach. The raffinose sugar naturally found in broccoli and cauliflower is the root of the pain. This sugar isn’t easy for the human body to digest, so it takes time to get rid of it. Meanwhile, it builds up and causes bloating or gas. Ice cream. Even if you’re not lactose intolerant, ice cream can be hard to digest. Researchers believe the combination of sugar, fat, and dairy makes it harder for some people to digest ice cream. You may feel sick or bloated after eating your favorite rocky road ice cream cone. Fried foods. Fried food such as French fries or nuggets that have been cooked in oil at high temperatures can be an issue. Fried foods have high fat and little fiber. This makes it more difficult for your body to digest them. In addition, the carbohydrate content tends to be high in fried foods, so you can experience gas or bloating. Digestion issues can appear if you eat foods that irritate your stomach or are hard to digest and absorb. You...

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10 Quick Tips to Stop Stress

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Stress can be found everywhere. Work, relationships, the weather, your health, and your finances can each be a source of stress. These things aren’t stressful in themselves, but we create stress by the way we interpret them. There are many ways to create stress. There are also many ways to combat stress. Considering how miserable stress can make life, the time you spend learning to combat stress is time well-spent. Be patient and try several possible solutions. Try these quick and easy ways to lessen the stress you experience each day: Have a good laugh. Laughing is the perfect antidote to stress. You feel better physically and mentally after a good laugh. Keep a book of jokes handy or find a humor-related website for a quick pick-me-up. Get religion. Many people find that their religious beliefs and activities relieve their stress. If you don’t attend church regularly, reconsider. Find a religion that suits you and participate. Have a quick nap. A nap resets your brain and refreshes you. Experiment with the duration of your naps. There’s no best solution for everyone. You’ll likely find that napping for too long leaves you feeling groggy and grumpy. Find the sweet spot. Meditation is simple but requires practice to be effective. Meditation and mindfulness are both extremely popular topics. With countless books and websites dedicated to these topics, you’re sure to find an excellent resource. Spend time with a pet. Studies have shown that contact with a pet greatly reduces stress and anxiety. Some pets are better than others for stress relief. You might find that a dog or cat is more conducive to relaxing than a pet tarantula, but it’s up to you to determine what works for you. Write in your journal. If you don’t have a journal, get one. A simple notebook works as well as anything else. When you’re feeling anxious, pull out your journal and write about your feelings. It might seem silly, but writing is an effective way to get negative thoughts out of your head. Try it and see how much better you feel. Take a walk. All you need to take a walk is a pair of shoes and perhaps an umbrella. Walking is free, good for you, and a great way to beat stress. Find a way to fit a couple of walks into your routine. You’ll be happy with the results. Breathe deeply. The trick is to take slow, deep breaths and focus on your breathing. The combination of altering your breathing and taking your mind off your challenges is like magic. Take a slow breath, hold it for two seconds, and then release it slowly. Do that 10 times while concentrating on the process. Listen to music. Music is a highly effective way to alter your emotions. With the right choice of music, you can make yourself feel happy, sad, energized, or angry. Choose your music wisely and keep it handy. Make a list of solutions. You get stressed because you worry about the future. Instead of worrying, make a list of ways to deal with what is bothering you. You’ll be less stressed if you concentrate on what you can do to resolve your challenges. Stress is bad for your physical and mental health. You don’t have to suffer with...

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9 Actions That Will Enhance Your Personal Efficiency

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Do you ever reach the end of the day, feel exhausted, but feel like you accomplished very little? Meanwhile, your coworker seems happy and relaxed and managed to accomplish a lot? Everyone has a different level of efficiency. Luckily, you can get more done and feel better at the end of the day than you do right now. You can be more efficient in all areas of your life. Soon, everyone will be wondering how you manage to get so much done! Accomplish more and set a new standard for personal efficiency with these strategies: Take regular breaks. Avoid working for longer than an hour without a break. A short 5-minute break each hour can result in getting a lot more accomplished over the course of a day. You’ll stay fresher and enjoy your day more, too. Many hands make the work go faster. Be willing to delegate when possible and appropriate. You can get a lot more done if you get a little help. Whether you’re at work or at home, get the help you need. Don’t be shy about asking for assistance. Get enough sleep. Study after study has shown that everyone requires at least seven hours of sleep to be at their best. That includes those people that swear they only need five. Your performance improves in every way if you sleep at least seven hours. It’s okay to use a nap to reach that total. Make a list of things to do. You’ll never wonder what to do next if you have a list prepared ahead of time. The best time to make your list is the night before. Make a list before you turn out the light. Assess your progress throughout the day. When you measure yourself, your behavior changes. Just the act of checking your progress will change your focus. See how well you’re doing at regular intervals. If you have tasks that must be done each day, this can be a convenient way to measure yourself. Note the gap between activities. Perhaps you’ve been working hard, but once you complete a task, you might find that you take quite a while to start the next task. The process of stopping and starting can be a big time-waster. You might want to use a timer to keep yourself honest. Give yourself a set amount of time before returning to work. Use small amounts of free time wisely. Maintain a list of small tasks that you can complete in just a minute or two. When you have small chunks of time, you can pull out your list and knock those items out. Your list might include things like: Checking email Checking voicemail Cleaning your desk Making a phone call Do one task at a time. Let go of the idea of multitasking. You’ll get more done and avoid wearing yourself out if you focus on one task at a time. Focus all your resources on a single task. Stay organized. A messy workspace kills efficiency. You can’t find what you need quickly. You lose papers. The clutter is mentally fatiguing. It takes a lot of effort for some people to stay organized, but it’s worth the time and energy. You can improve your standing at work and at home by increasing your efficiency. It...

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